Alan M. (chronicide) wrote,
Alan M.

Sunday Shopping Sights

When we were out shopping yesterday, I came across a couple of things that amused me.

The first was a sign for the Optimist Club Christmas Tree Sale. Although I'm sure it's a wonderful sale full of beautiful trees that would be a nice addition to anyone's home, I couldn't help but imagine a lot full of, well, this:

I'd've stopped to look, but I wanted something shiny and aluminum, thank you very much.

Where we did stop was the new Barnes & Noble that opened near us (nearer than the other Barnes & Noble near us, but not quite as near as the Barnes & Noble really near us).

(On a side note, I have to say that — while it was a lovely store with an excellent graphic novel collection — I'm a little disappointed that we "need," by my count, three Barnes & Nobles within a five-mile radius of each other. Couldn't it at least have been a Borders?)

We only stopped in to the B&N for a minute — there were groceries in our car that needed to make it to a freezer — but Jen saw something, and she drew my attention to it: The Living Green Page-A-Day Calendar. The publisher's description says it has daily tips on
walking more softly on the planet. Tips like forgoing energy-sucking air purifiers for a few air-filtering houseplants. Like drinking organic beer—better for you and the earth. Like conserving water while brushing your teeth (if only 10,000 people turned off the spigot every day for a year, we'd save enough water to grow wheat for 160,000 loaves of bread).
What I can't help but wonder is, is one of those tips not using a page-a-day calendar? I mean, really: is a big pile of papers that you, by necessity, need to dispose of every day in any way a "green" thing?

Don't get me wrong: I love my two Page-A-Day calendars ("Book Lovers" and "Brainteasers, Mind Benders, Puzzlers, Mazes & More"), but I don't fool myself that, in having them, I am in any way being green (except insomuch as I recycle the pages).

You have to wonder if anyone at the Page-A-Day place thought of that...
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Maybe a Hulk-A-Day calendar would fit the bill more...?

Alexandra Kitty
Ooh, can we get an aluminum tree, pretty please? :) Love the image...